When Is The Next January 6Th Hearing?
When Is The Next January 6Th Hearing?

When Is The Next January 6Th Hearing?

Jan. 6 hearings Day 8 Committee focuses on Trump's inaction
Jan. 6 hearings Day 8 Committee focuses on Trump's inaction from www.usatoday.com


On January 6th, 2021, a violent mob of supporters of former President Donald Trump stormed the U.S. Capitol building, resulting in the deaths of five people. Since then, there have been ongoing investigations and hearings to determine who was responsible for the attack and to hold them accountable for their actions.

The Previous Hearings

The first hearings took place in the weeks following the attack, with lawmakers from both parties calling for a thorough investigation. In February 2021, the Senate held an impeachment trial of Donald Trump, where he was acquitted of inciting the insurrection.

Throughout the spring and summer, various committees in both the House and Senate held hearings to gather information and testimony from law enforcement officials, Capitol staff, and other witnesses.

The Next Hearing

The next hearing in this ongoing investigation is scheduled for September 14th, 2023. The House Select Committee investigating the January 6th attack will hear testimony from former Vice President Mike Pence, who was present in the Capitol building at the time of the attack.

The committee has said that they plan to ask Pence about his communications with other members of the Trump administration during the attack, as well as his interactions with Trump himself in the days leading up to January 6th.

The Importance of the Hearing

The September 14th hearing is significant because it will be the first time that a high-ranking member of the Trump administration will testify before Congress about the events of January 6th. It could provide valuable insight into the actions and motivations of the former president and his inner circle.

Additionally, the hearing could have political implications for Pence, who has been rumored to be considering a run for president in 2024. His testimony could help or hurt his chances, depending on how he performs.

The Future of the Investigation

Although the September 14th hearing is the next scheduled event in the investigation, it is unlikely to be the last. The House Select Committee has said that they plan to continue gathering information and testimony, and may hold additional hearings in the future.

There are also ongoing criminal investigations into the attack, with the Department of Justice charging over 600 individuals so far. It is possible that more charges will be filed as the investigations continue.


The January 6th attack on the U.S. Capitol was a dark moment in American history, and the ongoing investigations and hearings are an important part of the effort to hold those responsible accountable for their actions. The September 14th hearing with former Vice President Mike Pence is just one part of this larger effort, and it will be interesting to see what new information and insights it provides.

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