How To Unsend Email: A Comprehensive Guide
How To Unsend Email: A Comprehensive Guide

How To Unsend Email: A Comprehensive Guide

How to Unsend an Email in Gmail and Other Email Services
How to Unsend an Email in Gmail and Other Email Services from

The Importance of Unsending Emails

We’ve all been there – we hit the send button on an email only to realize seconds later that there’s a typo, an embarrassing mistake, or we sent the email to the wrong recipient. The ability to unsend an email can save us from potential embarrassment or even legal trouble in some cases. In this article, we will explore different methods to unsend emails on various email platforms.

Unsending Emails on Gmail

Gmail offers a feature called “Undo Send” that allows users to recall an email within a certain time frame. To enable this feature, go to your Gmail settings, click on the “General” tab, and scroll down to “Undo Send.” You can choose a time frame between 5 and 30 seconds to recall an email after hitting send. Once you activate this feature, you will see an “Undo” button appear after sending an email.

Unsending Emails on Outlook

Outlook also has a similar feature called “Recall Email.” However, this feature only works if the recipient is also on the same email server and hasn’t opened the email yet. To recall an email on Outlook, go to the “Sent Items” folder, open the email you want to recall, and click on the “Actions” drop-down menu. Select “Recall This Message” and choose whether you want to delete the email or replace it with a new one.

Unsending Emails on Apple Mail

Apple Mail doesn’t have a built-in feature to unsend emails, but there’s a workaround you can use. If you’re using a Mac, you can set up a rule to delay sending emails for a certain amount of time. To do this, go to Mail > Preferences > Rules and click on “Add Rule.” Name the rule “Delay Sending” and set the condition to “Every Message.” Then, set the “Perform the Following Actions” to “Delay Delivery by” and choose a time frame. This will give you some time to recall an email before it’s sent out.

Third-Party Apps to Unsend Emails

If you’re using an email platform that doesn’t offer an unsend feature, there are third-party apps you can use. Some popular options include Boomerang, Mailbutler, and These apps allow you to recall emails even after they’ve been sent out, and some even offer additional features like email scheduling and tracking.

Best Practices for Unsending Emails

While unsending emails can be a lifesaver in some situations, it’s important to use this feature sparingly and responsibly. Here are some best practices to keep in mind: – Double-check your emails before hitting send to minimize the need to unsend them. – Set a short time frame for recalling emails to ensure the recipient hasn’t already read it. – Don’t rely solely on unsend features – always be mindful of your email content and recipients. – Consider using email encryption for sensitive information to prevent any potential breaches.


Unsending emails is a useful feature that can save us from potential embarrassment or legal trouble. Different email platforms offer different methods to unsend emails, and there are also third-party apps available. However, it’s important to use this feature responsibly and in conjunction with other best practices for email communication.

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