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Shops “Chalcedony” In Moscow – The Perfect Place To Choose A Gift For This Fashionista

Shops “Chalcedony” In Moscow – The Perfect Place To Choose A Gift For This Fashionista

“Chalcedony” – this is a very well known Italian brand, whose products are characterized by their excellent quality.


Under this brand are available: tights, socks, socks, tights, swimwear, sleepwear and more. During the short “age” of its existence, the brand “Chalcedony” has shown what it can do, making it more appealing to consumers who have become the true, without exaggeration, fan brand “Chalcedony”.


Cute girl! Especially for you Italian fashion every season offers more and more new models of tights, socks, socks, tights, from which you go crazy. The set will surprise you. On the Internet, there is a special directory where a complete list of products. With this easy to use interface, you can easily find what you need to know about having the right size and color.


Brand “Chalcedony” – a world-famous Italian brand, which appeared relatively recently (in 1987), but for a shorter span of time has managed to gain the trust of the people.

"Chalcedony".  Store in Moscow.

Today around the world there are thousands of shops offering this brand products.

Moscow is one of the largest cities in the state of the world’s largest, is no exception. In Russia, in total, there are about three hundred active stores of this Italian brand. In particular, the store “Chalcedony” in Moscow presented more than one hundred points of the city. And for added convenience, it is located in the most populated part of the city.

Usually, the “Chalcedony” shops in Moscow are located in the largest shopping and entertainment centers such as “City Mall”, “Auchan Mytishchi”, “Capitol in Sheremetyevo” and others.

The top-class stores, they also have a great work schedule: 9am to 10pm. It is very convenient for those who work late and cannot make time for shopping during working hours. It is very popular with locals.

There are specific considerations in each store, it should be noted that the interior of them is taken well, in some departments, which will facilitate the search for goods.

Each store has a sufficient number of sales consultants to assist you with the choice of size, color and design. As a rule, store counselors will be able to pick you up for an ideal choice, as they already have “good eyes.”


1. Manezhnaya lugar 1.

2. Andropov Avenue, 23.

4. Mytischi, st. Komunista.

5. lugar Kiev station 2.

6. Street. Sheremetyevo, 60 a.

7. Street. Tverskaya 6.

8. Street. Vavilov, 3.

9. Leningradsky Prospekt, at 62.

10. Rublevskoe, 62.

The top is “Chalcedony” – a store in Moscow. It’s the most popular of these, which, according to statistics, has always been the biggest flow of customers. Of course, the product is always in great demand, it is always present and in demand, it is – “Chalcedony”. Stores in Moscow discount offer most active shoppers.


Every girl definitely knows what nylon pantyhose, socks are, which is oh how difficult it is to “fight.” And the key word is “against.” After all, for every girl pantyhose – a very bad thing, because it often happens that they are torn even before going to wear them, because nylon can easily hook a nail. Or your cat will play with tights and accidentally bend them. That’s it, at a very important point you will be without tights … What to do? There is an urgent need to find a way out of the situation, and rush to work, study, date or just an important meeting, and, of course, all the extra tights have been completed. This situation is, of course, what has happened to every girl, and no one wants it to be repeated. “Chalcedony” products will help you to avoid such a situation.

"Chalcedony".  Moscow discount store

Our customers are particularly pleased with keipron products, because they put on a hook is almost impossible, but if you really try. High quality materials. In fact, most worthy choice – it’s “Chalcedony”. Stores in Moscow offer a truly original Italian product such as this brand store, which has a license to sell.

“Chalcedony” – a great choice both for themselves and for present friends, relatives, colleagues. Be sure you are happy with your purchase.

Of course, the price is higher than other stores with similar products, however, guarantee that you long sweeps this mark-up thing. That is why most people opt for the “Chalcedony” brand.

Stores “Chalcedony” in Moscow will help you enjoy a new purchase from your favorite brand.

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