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New Year’s Gift Companion: Unusual, Original, Funny

New Year is not just a holiday, it is the moment when the new working year begins. And even if you achieve it it will be at home, we will not ignore, and his colleagues. If they are hurt, then be sure to day in an emergency? It’s going to attract both New Year’s – so give yourself a strong base in difficult times. How to choose a gift with a New Year’s companion? This is what will be discussed in the article.


How to choose a gift with a New Year’s companion? Yes, even if it’s a girl? They are not only beautiful, but also predictable. If the well does not know the person, it will be difficult to surprise podgadat. Gifts for New Year’s fellows must be positive or neutral. In such instances, happily fines yourself and breaks into a delicious package: Christmas balls, character numbers of the year, calendars, beautiful candles and candlesticks in pursuit.

Cosmetics are also nice. After all, who will give up a good shampoo, body gel or bath salts.

I don’t like someone’s scent? Then donate spirit aromas, essential oils or aroma lamps. Just don’t talk about their observations, so people can be hurt.

Any woman, if she, of course, loves to cook, and shows off her skills in front of others, will be a joy kitchen assistant. It is not necessary to spend money on equipment, enough wood blades, unusual pepper shapes, beautiful hot coasters. And be sure when giving her practice skills. One kind of word, as they say, everybody is kind.

Remember female nature delicate and vulnerable, is important not the gift itself, but rather the attention and atmosphere.

Possible gifts to colleagues New Year give all the same, but it can have a negative impact on your reputation. Gather the mood into a fist and take a shopping trip for more than five minutes.

gift for new year companion


Which to choose a gift for New Year male counterparts? Well, everything is easier. After all, they are more pretentious than their perfect companions for life. Of course, you can get rid of a formal bottle of vodka or even beer in a colorful package. But it is possible to approach the issue in a more creative way.

wine lovers like plastic handles for bottles with included drinks. Lovers to hang on the internet fit pad mouse or stand up to your favorite coffee mug.

Happy owners of car holders suitable silicone cells, air brushing or raskosheltes in products for car care.

Man is always tightly connected to the construction, here and show a set of nails, or rather a “nail” pen.

Lonely bachelor is possible to please the original pillow in the form of women’s knees or breasts.

There will always be useful to listen to colleagues talk for a year and turn on the basis of the collected information to find the appropriate items.


What should gifts show to a New Year’s companion? Yes, if it’s also a chief? He is a special team man. You can’t go and sell him a little tin can and resentment. A precious gift alone and cannot be made. The best way out of this situation – to chip in all one solid gift from the team. Aged five-star cognac will help authorities to meet not only good holidays, but also successfully negotiate with investors and partners. Habits can fit a range of glasses of whiskey or a glass of beer, depending on the taste. A book bar will hide the wine from prying eyes.

Providing genealogy books with agate stone, you will emphasize the noble origins of its superiors. Or buy a book “Entrepreneurs have changed the world” with the desire to get into the story.


As a kid, we all believed in Santa Claus. Over time, one becomes aware of the truth. Billions of people, and only one grandchild. It’s time to become a little elf and make presents to New Year’s companions with their own hands.

All employees can provide portraits of their own work or creative photos, intelligently processed in Photoshop. In an extreme case, you can cheat a little, to commission an artist portrait and to pass off their work.

What else could make gifts to New Year’s fellows in their own hands? You can buy standard ceramic mugs, special paints for glass and put your Christmas presents in style, and if there is no predisposition to the arts, you can simply write greetings and wishes. The main thing – to work well and not to grease all the work.

In the presence of an old keyboard, you can make the original message. Just bust the keyboard and paste the key into the frame for the picture. Only properly compose the message, because the letters do not need to be repeated, of course, if you do not have the warehouse hand with broken appliances.


Always Nice to give something handmade. But unfortunately, not everyone has that opportunity. On the way to such a gift can be an obstacle for many reasons: because work and work can simply not be time-consuming or home-made – it is not yours. In any case we have to go to the store for the show. But whomever you choose to buy, let us know now and we will understand.

So what could be a gift to a New Year’s companion? Let’s start with a list of more squat things: pens, deodorants, various gels and after greetings. Here everything is standard and clear. We do not consider the ordinary thing. Our goal – to surprise and please, and therefore give us something special.

Are you lucky to work in the office? Then give a neighbor “the desk” hammock leg or cat clock. Programmers can be enriched with a computer mouse in the form of gold bullion, and the photographer offers a cup of coffee from a mug with a “lens”.

“Drinking glasses” can serve as a non-drinker, as a joke, or really into drinking, let them look at themselves from the outside.

Exotic fans can adapt themed gifts: Garry Poterra umbrella with lights, designed as a lightsaber, or false toothless wolf.

Winter, cold, and your work take place mainly outside, and then provide a touch of gloves. And having a relationship with the world is not lost, and hands warm.


Not all jobs can be at the end of the year to introduce an expensive gift workmates. But you still have to give, you can’t ignore the people with whom you work. What can you buy a cheap New Year gift companion? Here is a small list of gifts that will save your budget.

Choose a little symbol for the coming year: figurines, pendants, rings. Or paper parchment, decorated with Christmas themes: notebooks with snowy scenes or stick to monkey heads.

Fans of puzzles, you can find entertaining 3d-puzzle or unusual cube-Rubik.

Mugs with silicone inserts allow breaks to enjoy hot coffee or tea and it won’t burn your hands.

Who celebrated the New Year by candlelight, he knew it was not only romantic, but also a wonderful atmosphere for a holiday night. All the more so stylized holiday candles are inexpensive.

On the Internet or in a flea market, too, you can stumble upon a great gift for New Year’s companion cheaply. Just take a walk for some specialized sites and auctions. In fact, foreign auctions sometimes buy much cheaper, especially goods from China.

gift ideas for new year with colleagues


Where can you pick up unique gifts with New Year’s colleagues? What to give – you choose. You can take your time and pick something original that can distinguish you from the monotony of the crowd.

Let’s start with a list of pleasant ones, with awards to the best employees, but not just a postcard or letter, and the whole statue in the form of a spiral boiler “For timeless activity”, in form a bolt as the “Charm of the chatter” or the hourglass “time dispenser”.

Note that there may be an original? So many people think, and you give a notebook, a sieve, a notepad, a traffic light or a knigohlopushku notebook and make them change their minds. It has original card holders decorated under the gun “reliable man in a cage”, a stylized old book “Cadres decide everything”, “shark business”, “UFO Brothers Mind” , etc.

Often they work together in love, and then they can give something right: double umbrella, branching headphones.

original gifts to colleagues for the new year


Who said the joke was only possible in the early days of April. Any holiday can be an occasion to give a good mood.

Fun gifts to colleagues for the New Year: floral pillows (rather than the presentation recommended immediately quietly place a chair), dumbbells bottles suitable for any office staff, and if you are working addicted city dweller who does not ever been in the woods, give the pillow-stump.

Laughter prolongs life, like a “laughing bag” filled her with joy.

In addition to puzzles, Sudoku’s intellectual entertaining toilet paper. At the same time there is something to do in the toilet.

Indoor thief-socks “Tank Battle” for men andĀ the USB-heated slippersĀ for women with humor will bring a bit of warmth and comfort to the house.

Men fit pens with tape or a wrench. And to please women disinfectant with Stand for “trash” pens.

Superiors, too, can make a joke, but with extreme caution. You have one thing neutral: umbrella “Samurai Sword”.

a gift for new year male colleagues


Here is a small part of the extensive list, which you can give in the New Year in every situation and every person. And finally, a little advice: if you want to get good gifts, then give appropriate things. Successful holiday and a great mood for the whole year.

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