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A Great Gift: How To Package And Present

A Great Gift: How To Package And Present

As soon as the holiday arrives (March 8, birthday, New Year, Christmas and so on), the man asks: “And what to give your favorite a girl?

But what if your relationship is just beginning, and you want to impress her? To the aid of amazing store specialty ideas. Offers unique gifts, so you can please your mate. Don’t know what size to choose a gift? Now in this article about this and many other things.

As you can imagine, you can choose both small and great gifts for birthdays and other holidays. But how do you choose? In a nutshell all the gifts can be divided into several simple types. Following the observations and advice of more experienced friends, we can choose the most appropriate option for your particular situation.


As a general rule, give gifts for a reason, and in particular the holidays. It is becoming a tradition, and, frankly speaking, such an approach is only relevant to couples where only half are unwilling to spend, and want to save money for something worthwhile. advantages around the house. During the tour, it is not necessarily limited to specific days of the year, which are numerous, and provide a reason – at every appointment or joint movie campaign.

Flowers – a universal gift. But it is better to know the good, what he wants. If you don’t know, in any case, don’t pick roses (and certainly not red). If over time you find out that a girl likes them, only then can you do so. Roses are usually associated with the absolute commonplace, and some women simply cannot tolerate. Taboo with flowers of love and first date: red roses, carnations (of any color) and calla lilies.

Most flowers for a woman in one position: alstroemeria, gerbera daisies, poppies and sunflowers. So a bunch of not only are you surprised girls, but give her a special feel. Very pleasant surprise will be a flower in a pot. Such a gift can be much cheaper, but it is very pleasant, because environmental protection topics are very topical and very young today. Among these orchid flowers, despite some “pops” is a great gift for girls and women of all ages. In addition, there is a perception that a lot of home orchids will not happen.


Household and digital technology can mean a woman more than you can imagine. If you look closely at a woman’s favorite hobbies, you will find that she likes to take photos or take photos of herself. In this case, most of the importance of a great gift – the old film camera.

Photos with it are rather a work of art, well, then, that the woman will become a new direction of development – it is an undeniable advantage, for which she is appreciated. Pretty much like a netbook or tablet-transformer blogger, the immersion blender for soap-boilers, smart watches for athletes, and more. The list is really incredibly big. Even a helicopter in remote control or in the same car – original gifts, especially if the girl – a gamer. Well, you get the idea.


Like orchids, clothing for women does not happen much. Of course, if you don’t know the exact size (and it’s often unknown to the girls), you can quietly check the labels on her clothes (both top and bottom). It’s easy, if it ever comes to visit.

In the main data about clothing sellers can determine the size of this item or item. Complexity can be a bra, but choosing underwear is better to give to girls. You need to choose more versatile outfits. As gifts are very well-suited accessories: bags, gloves, hats, glasses. The latter also try to be, but they are much easier to change in a store, in contrast to underwear.


The Internet is full of offers to buy unusual gifts, such as boards in the fridge in the form of an owl or a cat with crayons. You might want such a gift to try on the girl, especially when she writes down everything needed to buy the house and the kitchen.

 You might be thinking of choosing something from the range, the possibility of hitting 9 out of 10, because of “mimimishnosti” and the relevance of such a gift for you thought marketers.


Now the most important thing. If you come in a day when passion is waiting for you attention and passion, and quietly poke boxes in hand, it can ruin the night, even if the gifts he or she is looking forward to.

It is vitally important to know how to pack and how to donate. Of course, most of us go to the nearest supermarket or to a design office, where staff can then ask a few questions to perform these corresponding operations on their own. But you can do everything yourself.


How to pack a normal size of it, for example, may be present, but how to pack a great gift, for example, a bicycle? Let’s first define some small gift packaging rules. Thus, they include:

  • Beauty, beauty.
  • Matching shapes and colors (red heart, if it’s Valentine’s Day).
  • Environmental friendliness, ease of recycling (cardboard or corrugated board).
  • Ease of unpack (style “lollipop” only irritates a woman because a caramel every adult immediately open).
  • Easy delivery to the final destination. If you are going to give her away from home, think about how she will carry the gift back home (the package should have a pen or simply put in a bag).

All laws govern a great gift. For these girls it is important that the intrigue stayed up to the last second. You agree that any woman wants to get a real surprise.

How to Pack a Great Gift?

Unfortunately, the greatest gift you can’t stuff in a small package. But it is possible to do extraordinary. You can use a large box (from the fridge, for example), wrapping paper or cloth. In a relatively large bag can completely pack a big Christmas gift.


Perhaps the romantic idea of ​​bow worship to the beloved seems to be commonplace, and we need to invent something more interesting. Give the bracelet a small box labeled “bracelet” is also not very original. But to use the element of surprise, as the packaging of the “Koshcheeva death” type: “The egg needle, the egg on a hare …” – this is an unusual choice, especially since the process of extraction is will give the girls excitement.

A great gift for girls

One of the easiest methods available to almost everyone – is to bring his or her beloved to a supermarket (of course, all the pre-warnings). Let her give the gift as a surprise visitor hospital administration.

No matter how much you want to give the original gifts, you can buy a Santa Claus girl on New Year’s Eve and Fairy Krostnuyu birthday. After all, every girl wants to get into a fairy tale.

And remember that the main thing – not an unusual or enormous gift, the main thing – is attention. And it will be fun!

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