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Zest Advisor – Excellent Protection Against Bad Weather

Zest Advisor – Excellent Protection Against Bad Weather

Autumn – the best time to go. The street is full of colors, not too hot sun shining nice. However, this is only one part. If you look at this time of year in a variety of ways, it is the autumn months bring moisture and constant rain, during which there is no desire to walk the streets. But what if you want to go to work or school? The answer is: buy Zest umbrella.

Many ask, why preference should be given to this brand. As a rule, all used umbrellas – an important feature, which should be in every home. However, how to choose it so it will last many years and will not break the first blow, not everyone knows. Basically, the most common criteria influencing the purchase of specific umbrellas, is the design. Of course, it is extremely important that any accessory should be fully compatible with the clothes. But the good umbrella – it’s not a guarantee of quality. In this regard, a lot of subtleties, which will be discussed in this article.


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So the first thing you notice – the make. Auditing company for a long time supplying products to market, we have gained a certain reputation. As a rule, their products are more expensive because of the promotion of the brand, but this is justified by the quality. One such proven brand is Zest. Advice, reviews of which are more positive, high quality and comfortable, easy to fit in a bag. Lineup presented a variety of design solutions. That’s why to choose the most appropriate option is easy enough. Zest company offers women, men and children umbrellas. 


If we consider the design of the hood, it deserves special attention pen. There are two of his evaluation criteria:

  1. materiel;
  2. strength.
men's umbrella is a great pleasure

Zest umbrella made of rubberized, wooden and leather handle. They are easy to hold in your hand, and they do not slide off. There is no need to chase colored or gold-plated handles, as they will eventually lose their brightness. And if this process is used for low-quality materials, it is highly likely that the paint will leave marks in the hand. When choosing an umbrella with a wooden handle you want to check for defects and damage. It is important to be packaged with a quality lacquer coating.


Zest Advisor can be equipped with one of three types of opening:

  1. classical mechanics;
  2. semi-automatic;
  3. fully automatic (machine).

Also of note is that the collection of Zest brands presented models of various sizes. This stick, standard model with 3 additions, mini-umbrellas and pockets.


Polished, steel rod and the shapes are at least flexible and give the severity of the product, but they are very strong, it will not allow the design to break even in strong winds . Fiberglass – a modern, resilient, flexible but powerful material, which is used in many umbrellas. However, there are models where the frames are made of aluminum and steel.

The number of spokes affects how strong the umbrella is Zest. However, we need to understand that the more of them, the form will be more rounded, dome. Spokes should be attached concave upwards. If they are fixed on the contrary, the frame will break at the slightest blow.

umbrella frame

Advice very strong and have a long service life. If, however, it is decided to buy a folding umbrella, the preference is to give it a shaft which is the most face.


When choosing a product, you need to pay attention to the material from which it is made. In the umbrella company Zest dome is made of polyester. This material is strong enough and of high quality, especially in comparison to nylon. Polyester is often impregnated with a special compound having water repellency. However, there is one drawback: unfortunately, it is quickly washed off. The mushroom cap has a dome that promotes rapid drying and slides in water. Also, don’t forget the joints. They should be straight and not have any gaps.

Men Zest umbrella presented, usually in black color scheme, but women – in a variety of colors. Here are the most common collections:

  • Yarn Dye series – checkered design, associated with classic England;
  • Satin – silk models with refined and original look;
  • Photo series – a series of paintings by famous artist Van Gogh;
  • Sparkle series – strict, but at the same time majestic dome umbrellas with a brilliant, often a color.

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