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U-Boat Watches – Indicator Of Prestige And Quality

U-Boat Watches – Indicator Of Prestige And Quality

It has long been that the Italian U-boat watches are luxury brand products that are associated with the tradition of good quality and unsurpassed style that has captured the world community. The cost of these products is often higher than the price of luxury gems, but at the same time, their appearance can not be confused with anything. After all, they are extremely individual, thanks to its unmatched brutal and adventurous design, size and thickness. The main feature of this brand is the location of the winding mechanisms, not standard for all right and left sides.


The company was founded in 1999. The brand’s founder is the legendary Italian engineer Italo Fontana, whose grandfather during World War II was involved in similar activities. This product has not been put into mass production due to the economic problems in the country, the cause of which is war.

Worthy grandson of his grandfather, Italo Fontana, created unmatched U-boat watches, which, thanks to its smooth operation, functionality, intensity and contemporary design, have become the emblem of status.

In its invention, the founders used the centuries-old tradition and modern technology, which many manufacturers have only equaled. The brand name derives its origin from the Italian love for yachts, seas and Sports, which is associated with it.


Above the first child of his Fontana I worked about 7 years from grandfather developments and drawings. Their look watches U-boat war reminiscent of the distant past. For example, a watch mechanism in the form of a bulk head moved all unusual for the left side. This nuance was once used to watch pilot models typical of the thirties of the last century. This innovative implementation values ​​left-handers, and fans of active and violent movements.

The housing of any variant of this brand’s times has a tremendous meaning. The minimum possible body width is 50 mm, but the average value reaches 60 mm. A production feature Serves the highest water resistance, on average, it has a depth of 1001 m.

U boat watches original


U-boat watches are available in three main collections:

  • Classico – a type of product, with a round body shape, similar to the 1942 model year, which was dedicated grandfather, the legendary fountain.
  • Flightdeck – watch a model with something similar to the instrument panel on the plane.
  • Thousands of Feet – it’s chronometers with a round dial in square and angular body. The distinguishing feature of a number of time has been its reinforced features and improved reliability mechanism.

The main components of which are involved in the production of products such as U-boat watches (originally) are high strength stainless steel, gold all shades, as well as titanium and carbon fiber, having excellent chemical and physical properties.

U boat relo review


The entire product line is manufactured using the strongest caliber that makes the legendary ETA factory in Switzerland. The rest of the production process is carried out on Italian territory. Therefore, the owners of the watch business claimed to be the U-boat – this is traditionally Italian product.


U-boat production is dedicated to the self-sufficient, courageous and confident representative of a strong half of humanity who value their time and money, have a certain status and have a strong character. Therefore, looking at their designs and external raids, not all modern people would dare to buy an accessory.

But many women with little oblivion contribute through such times of great pleasure to your style. Then massive models in women’s wrists sometimes look very harmoniously, adding to the beauty of their genitals.


  • brand name, tzyvam who bought his products speaks for itself, since the U-boat – this stunning watch made in design with a touch of “military” style. Resistance to external factors, and the component size “neubivaemost” housing, and, naturally, the excellent quality of these are key time advantages.
  • Many people say that the watch – chic accessory quality quality. Jewelery work performed by the manufacturer, is worthy of high praise. These clocks will not change elegant male component image.

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