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Original Gift Educator Who Hands The Birthday Of The Child, A Pre-School Worker Day, To A Kindergarten Graduation (Photo)

Original Gift Educator Who Hands The Birthday Of The Child, A Pre-School Worker Day, To A Kindergarten Graduation (Photo)

Teaching in kindergarten is often called in second moms. A man who daily gives strength and soul invested to children, Sincerely would like to thank for his efforts. Therefore, on the eve of the parents holiday kids confusing questions about choosing a gift for teachers. Of course, a bouquet and a box of candy will always be welcome. But just as a present is not original, it does not burden it with heat, as a gift, created by their own hands. And if we were students, we would get an extraordinary involvement in the process of making souvenirs. What can make a gift to mentor yourself? Interesting ideas to share with readers.


A gift made with your own hands, would always be meaningful. Even on a normal weekday you can please, surprise and have fun with small and inexpensive souvenirs. When a present nothing just can’t be done? It should present gifts to educators on Preschool workers’ Day, New Year’s, March 8 and birthdays.

What to keep in mind before choosing a present:

  • sorry;
  • the available budgets;
  • educator inclination, age, family status.


Organized by parents and children can work together to prepare a unique musical surprise educator. For example, to combine author songs with teachers, learn a dance number, place a mini-play with children.

If the holiday is planned for music or gym, you need to take care of the design of the room, the invitation to the event co-educator, former student (who can also take part in the concert).

Gift educator of children

And if this action has also been written for many years in order to process video material with the help of special programs (add photos educator memories of group life, record, artistically video), the memory of this unusual event. A few years later, the teachers were very interesting to see the record with matured students. It will undoubtedly be an original and memorable gift for kids!


No more unusual gift would be a self-produced album. To date, there are many different techniques of hand-made, which can be used to create such a surprise.

Interesting in design but simple in making such an approach is creating a photo album with his own hands like scrapbooking. It includes a wide variety of décor. Such a gift to teach their own hands can be made from fabrics of various textures, leather, sequins, beads. It is also in the process of using unusual materials: wire, coins, plaster figurines, bright large buttons and more.

Such pictures often have the original shape and structure. For example, it may be in the form of jewelry boxes, concertina-cards (liporello) or collages. Create an album in scrapbooking techniques and electronic formats. For this purpose, an image editor, for example, “Tile Game” or “collage”. See such a “gift” can be in the form of a slide show.

Photo albums made with scrapbooking techniques – it’s not just a collection of photos, but also a variety of memorable posts, comments, items. Tutors can show off for a birthday or kindergarten graduation. 


Through various programs for processing video files (for example, “video editing” or “Videoeditor”), you can create a charming original gift preschool worker’s Day gift, birthday o graduation.

In making such a surprise you will need video and photographic material, record and skills using graphic editors, as well as author of project imagination and a certain amount of free time.

Where to start? In order to create such an original educator, one must first prepare the materials: images in electronic format, video, record the required templates. For making a video album for kindergarten teachers, for example, video matinees and holidays, students take pictures of their handicrafts and more from the lives of a group of children, serving hero of the occasion. Songs sung by children can be used as a background or a part of the video. Additionally, the material can accompany the text, for example, holiday preferences. Video – a great gift for kindergarten prom educators.


The usual bouquet of flowers probably won’t surprise anyone. But a bunch of candies – it’s original, beautiful, but still delicious!

To make a gift of educator sweets, you’ll need wire, corrugated paper, glue, a variety of decorative jewelry and, of course, sweets themselves. There are different methods for making such a present. Below, we offer the easiest way to create a delicious gift.


Bouquet presented in the picture, to form a snap. To do this:

  1. Cut the wire and make a “flower stem”.
  2. Wind to get a “leg” foil or corrugated paper, leaving a recess for the candy.
  3. Roll each piece of candy into foil.
  4. A cross between sweetness on the “feet”.
  5. All the resulting products are packed with paper flowers in a bouquet.
  6. Decorate composition decorative elements. Here you are ready to teach delicious gifts!

 Photo Bouquets of sweets, as an example shown above.


Delicious homemade cakes are always associated with warmth, care, comfort. Such a gift cannot leave anyone indifferent. What can we prepare for? There are many options, we also list the most common:

  • muffins;
  • chocolate “sweet stuff”;
  • ginger biscuits or cakes;
  • homemade own.

Desserts can be decorated using different types of glazes and removing dust powders. Recipes like sweets are pretty simple to prepare. Children can also take an active part in preparing a tasty gift.

It is also important to consider how to organize sweets. Ordinary food packaging can be transformed by such interesting decoration techniques such as curling, decoupage, origami, collage, and more.

Cooked with soul homemade cake – educator is a wonderful gift for my birthday! 


Another unusual variant of the baking package is borrowed from the French tradition to share with their neighbors the ingredients needed for making the dessert, before the Christmas holidays. But don’t carry the same products in the package? Careful hostess came up to put the necessary parts in a transparent high jar with a lid. Unable to decorate her and attach a card with recipes, you can safely give a custom gift, for example, on New Year’s Eve or March 8.


At professional holidays are often given a variety of stationery items. How such a surprise prezent? It turns out that easy! With a little imagination – and the usual notebooks, pens and glue will turn into an original Preschool worker Day Teacher or Gift Day gift .

What does it take to work? 3 Round boxes need different diameters (they can also be made independently of cardboard) and direct stationery sets. On the outer wall of the box is secured with tape first “layer” cake, eg, from the handle. For the second level of packaging will need a little bit less. It is laid out pads. The smallest box – a third layer made up of, for example, markers. Get practical and memorable gift mentors.


Usually it is not acceptable to give strangers personal hygiene. But handmade soap, made great and more creative, can hardly be called a simple makeup. The whole work of art! In addition, it is a natural remedy for skin care. After all, the teacher – is primarily a woman who, without a doubt, watches their appearance. Therefore, such a gift as presented, for example, for my birthday, would be appropriate.

How to make:

  1. In a water bath it is necessary to dissolve the baby soap without additives, previously rubbed it in a grater. It is impossible to bring the mixture to a boil – then, after drying, the finished product is pouring.
  2. After removing the container from the plate, adding various ingredients to improve the quality and type of soap: honey, liquid vitamin E, oatmeal or milled coffee aroma oils, food dyes. But keep in mind that the finished product may not sleep with too much additives. And the essential oils in general need to be careful: just a few drops, nothing more!
  3. Industrial glycerol knife cut decor: stars, flowers and more ..
  4. The bottom of the form (this can be for kids pasochka sand, baking dish, lid, plastic container) grease liquid basil, and then lay out the decorations of glycerine soap. Top fill with liquid soap mass.
  5. Leave in dry soap for 2-3 days in a warm dry place. Fragrant natural gift caretaker (with his own hands to make it not so difficult, isn’t it?) Ready!


Useful and practical presentations for teachers are made independently by organizers for documents and stationery. Wood or plastic to make such a gift is extremely difficult. It requires some professional skills, abilities, and special materials and tools.

Currently for caregiver outlets kindergarten

It is much easier to make a fabric organizer. And look, he’s no less original. In eastern countries, for example, a widely popular workplace organizers, which are made from various fabrics and materials for decoration. What is this product? It’s just a pocket of various sizes that are web-based.

It is important to consider the design of artefacts: the product must bear the practical benefits. But the aesthetic aspect is also important. For example, too vivid colors can be distracting or even irritating to the person and the excess of the décor is rarely justified. Moreover, such a fanciful thing, as a rule, would not be in harmony with the overall interior room.

Producing an original gift mentor, it turns out, is a snap. We just need a little imagination, time and desire!

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