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Gift Selection For Women 55 Years Old

Gift Selection For Women 55 Years Old

Jubilee 55 years is a very special holiday for women. You need to think carefully about how it is better to greet what is given.


Reflecting on this question, it is necessary to pay attention to who addresses congratulations. 55 years – it’s a special date. So if you congratulate her mother, her desire for first place health, longevity and, of course, happiness. If you think of what to say today a friend, then you can come up with a fun poem, where you once again emphasize the importance of your friendship. In addition, it is necessary to wish her happiness, joy, happiness (if married, of course), as well as courage and success.

Now let’s get back to the main topic of the article – to give a woman the 55th anniversary.


Women will appreciate the surprise, which will be helpful – Suitable at home or capable of harmoniously fit the interior. We exclude basic gifts for women 55 years old:

  • Kitchen appliances. This category includes juicer, bread maker, pressure cooker, blender, multivarka etc. All such devices will help ease the cooking process. The main value of gifts – they allow you to cook healthy foods.
  • Equipment. Without it, life would be impossible to fix. As a rule, many women cannot without interest pass through shop china. Some are attracted by crystals, others – white porcelain, etc. A great gift for my mother for 55 years – is a set of cups and saucers. You can buy designer dishes. Not only will it be a necessary feature, but also the living room or kitchen decoration.
  • Indoor plants can be a great gift. Additional Present a stand for flowers. You can also give a woman expensive and beautiful pots for plants. They also serve as a wonderful veranda or balcony decoration.
congratulations 55 years
  • For the purposes of the Hero of the Day health care can provide her underwear, beautiful bathrobe or blanket. Be kind to your reverence.
  • For storage, you can pick up the jewelry music box. Of course, not in the Chinese market to the tune is pleasant and not “fake”.
  • Great gifts for the seamstress have been a great range of embroidery, knitting or sewing machines. With the retirement of a woman there is plenty of spare time. This should be something to do, so as not to fall into depression. Crafts completely help maintain good nastorenie and even pass it on to others, if the products are made by their own hands, give your loved ones.
  • Rocking chair – a great gift to mum for 55 years. In it a woman can relax and exercise what she likes.
  • Hot bath or back massager designed to relieve stress and maintain a good mood. Depending on the health status of birthday girls may present some simulator: treadmill, hula-hoop.
  • Bracelet, which measures heart rate, heart rate and pressure – a great gift. Thanks to this matter the birthday girl will be able to monitor their health.
  • Curling – a wonderful gift to a girlfriend of 55 years. You can also give her hair or some ultra-curlers she has had the opportunity to experiment with hair.
  • A subscription to a fitness or swimming pool. There you can not only improve health, but to get a charge of arousal, positive emotions, and, of course, good mood.
  • Good scent. Such a gift is welcome at any age. The main thing – to know the taste of birthday girls. To avoid mistakes, you can buy a gift certificate at a perfume shop.
  • Beautifully designed set of favorite cosmetics.

All these gifts help women to diversify their leisure time, look great and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


From traditional gifts you can give up and forget about the fact that there are corny gifts for women 55 years. It is better to be original. Surprise him, gave something extraordinary. Today we will list the interesting gifts of a woman for 55 years.


  • subscription to your favorite magazine or newspaper;
  • medals for women of wisdom;
  • a theater ticket or opera;
  • master class in floral design;
  • trek to the beauty salon, where stylists and makeup artists to help transform the birthday girl, and perhaps even change the picture;
  • Master-class in the creation of desserts;
  • Order “55 – A student of all things”;
  • horse riding master class;
  • T-shirt with family photo;
  • a concert ticket to your favorite singer or singer;
  • master class in figure skating;
  • a family tree with frames;
  • a ticket to the circus;
  • composition of balloons;
  • visit SPA-salon, massage, invigorating bath;
  • exhibition ticket respected artist.


his girlfriend of 55 years

If the birthday girl loves sweet greetings (55 years old – the age when it doesn’t strongly indulge yourself in sweets), you can give her some delicious gifts. For example, you can give her interesting decorated cake. If this option you don’t like, then pay attention to sweet bouquets or baskets of different chocolate products. Further such a gift, of course, is a bouquet of favorite colors.


Fill surprises and self celebrations: invite singers, dancers or comedians. At the end of the holiday or perform fireworks launch in the balloon sky.

Now you know what should be congratulated on the anniversary. 55 year old Female -pararok must be special. Because it is a special day. When choosing a gift, consider the particular nature of women, their aspirations, and their financial capabilities.

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