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Calf Tattoos – Bright And Unusual

Calf Tattoos – Bright And Unusual

Numbers on the arms, back, yes, even in the stomach don’t happen too often. The same cannot be said about the “decorations” on their feet. It’s clear that women’s feet (as opposed to men) we can still contemplate in all their glory are almost year-round. Find interesting tattoos on the human calf is only possible in the summer, and only then if the subject does not hesitate to wear shorts. At first, fearless to paint this part of the body, many people did not expect to display their masterpieces on display. On the other hand, the little (or not so) secret is meant to appease the views of the owner and his close circle. Well, the legitimate desire to argue with him, we didn’t.

It is better to talk about preferences. Looking at the various options for the calf tattoo, a picture of them is presented in the article and is abundant in their showrooms, we can conclude that the female audience prefers a more graceful fine pattern. They are often asked to fill in cute drawings: birds, hearts, butterflies, flowers. But there is a more complex nature, preferring an Asian aesthetic. At their feet boast incredibly beautiful three-dimensional images of dragons, fish, green peonies and delicate sprigs of cherry blossoms.

tattoo on the bull

Hieroglyphs, gothic, simply ornate lettering – those who indulge in both girls and boys. Well, maybe, if the last image is bigger. Generally, a leg tattoo, male variant, more “massive”. It is believed to be the bigger and more aggressive picture, so it is brutal. Therefore, here are a classic Celtic motifs, crosses, skulls and weapons (such as sharps, and small). Unusual Polynesian tattoo on calf. There is something more like his Ta Moko technique. The latter – a legacy of Maori, the indigenous people of New Zealand.

A separate category is the various “funny” pictures. Smiley forgets Bart Simpson is full-bodied and slender women’s legs, and legs bent. Cartoon characters popular with everyone.

tattoo on the calf picture

In principle, any gender split when it comes to tattoos, it is very conditional. Both biomechanics or Maori numbers attract both sexes. The borders are heavily greased.

And waxing on getting your calf tattoos won’t escape anyone. The coat is applied completely hinders the master pattern, however from it before working relentlessly discarded. But the skin on the feet is not exposed to the strong deformations of the age, so that the image is not a long-term “float”. And once again shine underwear painting is not necessary. Enough to put on pants, and you’re now a “nice” citizen.

Now on the ground. Calf tattoos are best done in the summer. If not warm winter clothing will continue to irritate damaged skin. Lightweight summer pants should be slightly tilted so they do not come straight from the tin figure. At first, until podzhivet, do not swim in the vast ocean and in the pool. Image drawing techniques are not painless, sometimes even walking difficult. Therefore, some days do not hurt to lie somewhere in the shade – sunbathing is not recommended.

And no matter how much you try to charm, you can’t fill a tattoo on his feet with the slightest sign of varicose veins. Health is still important.

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